Winter Flowers

Posted On January 4, 2011

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My dear Hittys wanted their profile picture updated and I just couldn’t say no.
Here is the result both posing with crochet bonnets and my favourite winter flower cyclamens
Hitty Ollie
We have been playing with crochet hooks. Ollie’s bonnet is too big, but she likes it, and again Linda’s may be too small for a regular Hitty.
“What do you mean? I’m a regular Hitty” says Linda
“Well I’m not regular” says Ollie” I’m plain excellent”
Oh Girls!
Hitty Linda

New Year’s Grapes

Posted On December 31, 2010

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Hitty Ollie and Hitty Linda want to share with you the way we celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain:

Spanish New Year

We wait until dusk

Wearing silly hats

Wearing a hat

and maybe even a mask

and a mask

and when is really dark

we put twelve grapes apart

we wait and we wait


then at midnight

eating the grapes

we eat a a grape at each’s clock chime

at first is easy to eat then on time

but not anymore when you ate nine

and this way we start the New Year just fine!

Happy new year

For a better explanation of this tradition that most spanish follow you can read this

Christmas Eve

Posted On December 24, 2010

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Is Christmas eve and Hitty Ollie is going to the village to buy something for dinner. It’s cold and she is wearing her shawl and cozy hat.
On her way to town, she finds some kids singing carols, she stops by, and joins the fun for a while. Then she remembers that she better hurries up or she would be late for dinner!

She says Hello to the shepherd who is carrying a newborn lamb! She can’t stop to chit chat or she would not arrive in time for dinner!

By the manger she can not help herself, and she stops to see Little Lord Jesus and think for a minute about the season true meaning!

But wait, poor Jesus doesn´t even have a blanket to warm him! Wooden people get cold too!

Hitty takes her red shawl and covers the baby. She wants to share with him some of her comforts! Well done Hitty!

Now hurry up to meet the goose girl, choose a goose that is plump! Even good girls have to eat!

Ollie is a bit in a hurry, as she has spend too much time in the village, but she thinks it was time well spent. She has done a good deed and it has been the best Christmas Eve ever!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Christmas on the net!!

Posted On December 23, 2010

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Two days till Xmas and instead of getting ready for the holidays Hittys are surfing the net like there was no tomorrow.

The reason, well they just want to find out how other distant cousins are getting ready for the season.

In first place they visited Always Loving Hitty’s Christmas folder. We enjoyed the awesome Christmas decorations, and Hittys tried to convince me to open their Christmas gifts earlier, like Hitty Olina did . They almost faint when they found out that here in  Spain we dont get to open our Christmas gifts until the 6th of January, in the Dia de Reyes. My favourite picture was the  one with the tinsel tree, it brings back lot of memories, but dear Hittys just were interested in the hats, shawls and mittens that Hittys were carrying for the snow. You know how demanding Hittys are… they started asking for hats, and scarves, and their wish list just keep getting longer and longer.

To put a stop to this I decided to visit FairieMoon’s blog, but that was a big error, since she have just posted about a Trip to the Circus, and they were all so excited about it and just wanted to know how Coco’s adventures were ending… I explained that the better be patient, but they just needed to know…Oh boy… we keep scrolling down and we arrived to her Decorating Post as I hoped it will inspire them to get some holiday chores done, but they just said: “We already decorated the tree”

They wanted to visit more homes and we went to visit the wonderful Journal Post  by Esther Robertson. They were in awe, and couldn’t talk as they saw the Christmas lights from Zelienople  . Ollie said “I wish I could open my mouth”. This time we all choose the same  picture as our fauvorite… the one with the tiny lighted houses on the mantelpiece and with the awesome knitted stockings. By this time you all know that my girls started to ask for their knitted stockings, I was going to tell them that there was no way I could manage to get them knitted in time, when they went back to FairieMoon blog, to see if she has been updated. No, not yet, littke girls… well no problem, they wanted to go yet to another place… they seem they can´t hold an idea for long!

Our last stop for today was Hitty Hannah’s Journal. They got so excited to see Real Santa with a cousin Hitty. They  were just dancing and singing… just jumping around… they are just like little kids! “We are big girls, human!” said both while keeping the silly nonsense. “And may we go to see if FairieMoon has posted a new entry?”

My Hittys would love to know if you have a blog or a picture site featuring 2010 Christmas pictures of Hitty and their kind. So please share it!

Some Christmas cookies

Posted On December 21, 2010

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Many of our readers were interested in what else was inside the FairieMoon box… here is the story:

“Look! What are these at the end of the box? Cinnamon Cookies,” said Ollie with excitment ” I have an idea, let me get the ladder”

The ladder?, I wonder what is she up to.

Oh! Hitty Linda has shown up: ” What is this delicious smell?”

“Yammy, yammy Christmas cookies” Wait Hitty Linda, Ollie has some plans for them!

Hitty Ollie arrived in the nick of time.” Hitty Linda, behave, those cookies are going to be decorating the tree”

So that’s why she’s carrying a ladder and some ribbons!

Poor Hitty Linda is very ashamed of having tried to eat the ornaments for the tinsel tree and now just want to help: “I’ll put the skirt”

Both girls start decorating the tree, but Hitty Linda please be careful, we don’t want you to fall from the ladder!

Hitty Ollie is really happy with the result! But wait…. there are one, two, three… nine! Some cinnamon hearts are missing, and Hitty Linda is no where to be seen…. “Linda!!!!”

Hitty has a parcel!

Posted On December 19, 2010

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Our dear Hitty Ollie had to go to the post office in order to pick a parcel.

We have a bit of snow here in the mountains and she feared it was a big parcel, so she took her sled.

I was a bit worried because it took her a long time to come back.

“Everybody was at the post office collecting christmas parcels”, said Hitty Ollie.

She opened the box quickly,  inside there was a dress she had bought at FairieMoon‘s etsy shop.

” I have to try it” she said while unpacking and jumping into it.

She thinks that she looks gorgeous in her new dress.

What do you think?

In the parcel there was an small surprise from FairieMoon, but that’s another little story.