New Year’s Grapes

Posted On December 31, 2010

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Hitty Ollie and Hitty Linda want to share with you the way we celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain:

Spanish New Year

We wait until dusk

Wearing silly hats

Wearing a hat

and maybe even a mask

and a mask

and when is really dark

we put twelve grapes apart

we wait and we wait


then at midnight

eating the grapes

we eat a a grape at each’s clock chime

at first is easy to eat then on time

but not anymore when you ate nine

and this way we start the New Year just fine!

Happy new year

For a better explanation of this tradition that most spanish follow you can read this


9 Responses to “New Year’s Grapes”

  1. Miss Gladys

    What fun! May I come over?? 🙂

  2. Kjerstin

    You should have fun tonight…your Hitty Kitty is very nice, and patient too. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO

  3. Jeri

    Marta, Hitty Ollie and Hitty Linda depicted this tradition well. They are both so sweet. This sounds like so much fun in the spirit of the New Year.
    Happy New Year Marta…May it be your BEST ever!! XO

    • Gustav

      feliz año nuevo
      muy feliz 2011

  4. Denise

    Thanks for sharing…I love this tradition…wonder if it works with chocolate…tehehe
    Hugs, Denise
    and The Heron Bay Hittys

  5. Linda Bennett

    Happy New Year Marta and Hitty Ollie and Hitty Linda-we loved the New year story.

  6. Linda Bennett

    Happy new yeat marta and Hitty Ollie and Hitty Linda, enjoyed the story.

  7. Sue G and The Northeast Hittys in Maine USA

    This is a lovely story and sounds like a fun tradition, thanks for sharing.
    Sue G

  8. Ashley Tanner

    What fun, I love to see what your Hittys are going to do next.

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