Christmas Eve

Posted On December 24, 2010

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Is Christmas eve and Hitty Ollie is going to the village to buy something for dinner. It’s cold and she is wearing her shawl and cozy hat.
On her way to town, she finds some kids singing carols, she stops by, and joins the fun for a while. Then she remembers that she better hurries up or she would be late for dinner!

She says Hello to the shepherd who is carrying a newborn lamb! She can’t stop to chit chat or she would not arrive in time for dinner!

By the manger she can not help herself, and she stops to see Little Lord Jesus and think for a minute about the season true meaning!

But wait, poor Jesus doesn´t even have a blanket to warm him! Wooden people get cold too!

Hitty takes her red shawl and covers the baby. She wants to share with him some of her comforts! Well done Hitty!

Now hurry up to meet the goose girl, choose a goose that is plump! Even good girls have to eat!

Ollie is a bit in a hurry, as she has spend too much time in the village, but she thinks it was time well spent. She has done a good deed and it has been the best Christmas Eve ever!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!


6 Responses to “Christmas Eve”

  1. Miss Gladys

    Hitty Ollie loves the Little Lord Jesus. I am so glad of that. He is, after all, the reason for the season. Merry Christmas! I hope the goose was good!

  2. Kjerstin

    Lovely Story, Marta, even good girls have to eat! I love it.

  3. pauline nissen

    Lovely Story. Merry Christmas

    • Glenda

      This is a precious story and so nicely done. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Linda Bennett

    I love the story marta. hitty Olivia good for you giving a gift to the Baby Jesus-Jesus the reason for the season.

  5. Sue G and The Northeast Hittys in Maine USA

    Beautiful story Marta.

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