Winter Flowers

Posted On January 4, 2011

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My dear Hittys wanted their profile picture updated and I just couldn’t say no.
Here is the result both posing with crochet bonnets and my favourite winter flower cyclamens
Hitty Ollie
We have been playing with crochet hooks. Ollie’s bonnet is too big, but she likes it, and again Linda’s may be too small for a regular Hitty.
“What do you mean? I’m a regular Hitty” says Linda
“Well I’m not regular” says Ollie” I’m plain excellent”
Oh Girls!
Hitty Linda


2 Responses to “Winter Flowers”

  1. Linda Bennett

    Ollie and Linda I like both of your bonnets. Sometimes Hittys come in different sizes and made of different fabrics or wood. hugss, linda from Flintstone

  2. mary yates

    I just love reading your blog

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