Some Christmas cookies

Posted On December 21, 2010

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Many of our readers were interested in what else was inside the FairieMoon box… here is the story:

“Look! What are these at the end of the box? Cinnamon Cookies,” said Ollie with excitment ” I have an idea, let me get the ladder”

The ladder?, I wonder what is she up to.

Oh! Hitty Linda has shown up: ” What is this delicious smell?”

“Yammy, yammy Christmas cookies” Wait Hitty Linda, Ollie has some plans for them!

Hitty Ollie arrived in the nick of time.” Hitty Linda, behave, those cookies are going to be decorating the tree”

So that’s why she’s carrying a ladder and some ribbons!

Poor Hitty Linda is very ashamed of having tried to eat the ornaments for the tinsel tree and now just want to help: “I’ll put the skirt”

Both girls start decorating the tree, but Hitty Linda please be careful, we don’t want you to fall from the ladder!

Hitty Ollie is really happy with the result! But wait…. there are one, two, three… nine! Some cinnamon hearts are missing, and Hitty Linda is no where to be seen…. “Linda!!!!”


11 Responses to “Some Christmas cookies”

  1. Kjerstin

    A lo mejor Linda esta en la cocina, haciendo galletitas! Vamos a ver…

    • cartulinas

      Me temo que no… aun no tienen cocina!

  2. Linda Bennett

    Oh my you must of counted wrong Hitty Ollie not Hitty Linda –tee he he-munch-munch

    • cartulinas

      Hope you enjoyed seeing Hitty Linda again!

      • Linda Bennett

        Yes I did , Hitty marta sets in her chair right by my computer-I need to do some blogging of my girls.

  3. Pauline Nissen

    The tree looks so pretty withe the gingerbread cookies on it. Will they be eaten in January by your Hittys?

    • cartulinas

      Oh My! I don’t know if Hitty Linda would be able to wait until January!

  4. Ashley Tanner

    This is so much fun!!!!!!!! Doing a 2nd post so soon, I can hardly wait to see what’s next.

    • cartulinas

      Thanks! I’m having lots of fun too!

  5. sassysuzie

    Too, Too Cute. I luv every minute of this.

  6. cartulinas

    It really means a lot to me that you people out there are reading my stories!

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